So, you have to do an Independent Project or 3 or 4 :) 

You are probably wondering what are the appropriate lengths for each project for evaluation or how are you being evaluated?

Some of the project pages themselves have their own evaluation on them. For example, here and here.


What about the rest of them? What about the due dates?

Here are some guidelines for you:

STOPMOTION PROJECTS - Stopmotion can take a long time. However... there needs to be enough work to demonstrate a consistent quality in your approach to this type of film. Therefore, you want to make a film that is 25-30 seconds in length at a minimum. Keep in mind that if you want a 25 second film at 12 frames per second, you need approx. 300 photos to animate. No problem! You can do it! The more frames you use per second, the smooth the animation.

VIDEOGAME RESCORING PROJECTS - For this type of project, you need to have a 30 second clip of a video game being played. Find them on YouTube. You are required to offer the original link as well as your finished restore of the game clip. 

LIGHTPAINTING PROJECTS - The minimum amount of pictures for this type of project will be 5 photos. Keep in mind, that it would be easy for you to accomplish this photo with technical success. BUT! You need to think of an overarching theme for your photos. How do they all fit together? Do they go together or are they truly individual? Did you aim to have a proper shape or did you just shut off the light and hope for the best?

FOLEY PROJECTS - Can you predict what the minimum length would be for this type of project? At a minimum, you want 45 seconds. You thought it would be 30 seconds, didn't you? :) 45 seconds or more please. Try to find clips that provide enough material to make it worthwhile. Don't forget to look at the project pages for more information on what these are.

ROTOSCOPING PROJECTS - This project is more involved then most of the other types of projects. This requires hand drawing each frame. Therefore, this project can be 15 seconds as a minimum length because of the amount of time required to complete this type of project. You can do it! Mr. Moccio will certainly help you with the details of hand drawing on a tablet, if you need it!

PHOTOMOTION PROJECTS - This project is simpler to complete and therefore, you will require more photos to meet the minimum length. For this project, the minimum length will be 60 seconds. You can go with more. But, music is definitely required as well!

ZOETROPE PROJECTS AND MAKEYMAKEY PROJECTS - See their project pages, here and here.

When are they due again?

You are required to do 4 projects. 

2 of your projects are due by the end of April.

2 of your projects are due by the end of May.