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Action Film

Action Film - Editing for Continuity


It's all in the editing

You are going to make your first action film! 

Well, it may not be your first action film, but for this class, it will be. You and your team of filmmakers need to write and plan an action sequence: a series of events that happen in a specific order to show how an event unfolds.

COMMON MISCONCEPTIONS: Sometimes students think we need to have a violent action film! This is NOT the case. Your action film only needs to tell the story of a specific event: a walk to school, a run in the neighborhood, being late for class, etc...

Take a look at this example from years past:

What is continuity editing?

Continuity editing is showing continuous action, yet it is leaving out some details that do not necessarily push the plot forward. These details are not considered important, depending on your story (of course!) 

Here is an example of continuity editing.


Shoot and edit a video that has an action sequence similar to the first example on this page. You do not have to use the same concept/topic (i.e. ball). You may shoot a person trying to do cool tricks, as another example. But through filming and editing, they look like a pro!


-Did you show a series of continuous events?
-Did you use necessary transitions (cuts, fades, dissolves) to properly communicate the link between shots?
-Did you submit this film on time?
-Did you edit out your errors?

Here is the evaluation rubric


-the estimated time for this video will be 3-4 minutes
-you must choose appropriate music that matches the mood/feel/style of your video
-you need to include multiple angles (close ups, mid shots, wide angles)


Ensure you are present as much as possible for each stage of the video production.

Complete your production summary and analysis of the film and hand in to Mr Moccio.

Individual Response Form


Agree on the storyline and on the editing of the shots.

Ensure each student has access to filming and editing the film.

Hand in your video on time with a 12 frame storyboard.

Late marks may be deducted as per the DSBN and Eden school policies. Be sure to speak with Mr Moccio in advance should difficulties arise in meeting your deadlines.

That's a wrap! Now, don't just sit here, get up and MAKE GREAT FILMS!