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We are the Arts at Eden High School.


Mr. S. Azzopardi

My name is Mr. Azzopardi. I've been teaching with DSBN since 2001. As a teacher and facilitator of the creative process, my goal is to help students find a balance between technical skill and the edges of their creative potential. I always look for opportunities to display student artworks to encourage dialogue and foster a creative community.

I love being outside and am a big fan of the natural world. I meditate often and practice yoga on a regular basis. This has helped me stay grounded and connected to my inner self. Namaste!

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Mr. P. Eppler

Hello my name is Mr. Eppler. I have been a teacher at Eden High school for twelev years, teaching grades 9 through 12, Visual Arts, Digital Arts, Media Arts, and sometimes Theater. I have been a teacher for the DSBN for over nineteen years now and currently hold the position of computer site manager within the school.

I continue to learn every day, adapt and strive to make learning a collaborative and enjoyable experience. I enjoy sharing my gifts with others and continue to find teaching to be a rewarding and en-lighting experience. I love Art. It’s the reason I became a Teacher.

You can find my homework site here.


Mr. J. Gay

Hello! My name is Mr. Gay and I teach instrumental music here at Eden. I started my studies at Mohawk College in Hamilton and later received my music and teaching degrees at Brock University. I've been a music teacher with the DSBN for over 20 years. I also work part time as a freelance saxophonist and vocalist in various jazz groups. Recently, I started a group called Generation Train. You can check out our website at

At Eden, I conduct our Concert Band and 535 Jazz Ensemble. We have an annual trip to Canada's Wonderland and we perform at various community events throughout the year. 

Teaching music is a thrill for me and I enjoy passing on what I know to any student who is interested in exploring this great subject!

You can find my class pages here.


Mr. E. Moccio

My name is Mr. Moccio and I teach Media Arts, Music and have taught French in the past. I love my job and I love working with students and encouraging them in their personal growth in learning and character development. In 2009, I was accepted in the Apple Distinguished Educator program. I am also a Apple Certified Professional Development trainer. 

I am also a proud husband and father. We enjoy playing games together, going on family vacations and just plain old life! 

On a personal note, I am a musician and a photographer. I love all things creative - I love to be inspired by other creative people and I love to create as well. I read and, most importantly, I am a learner!

Here are my Music class pages and my Media Arts pages.



Mrs. D. Sherwood

My name is Mrs. Sherwood and I have been involved in writing, directing and acting in various theatre events for over 20 years. I love my job as drama teacher! Most students enter my grade nine class wearing one of the many 'masks' they put forward for their own protection. In class, I want to create a place that is safe enough to put down the mask and create stories and characters with the freedom to risk, make mistakes, and ultimately light up their creative potential. By grade 12 I can watch the 4 years of professional theatre training they have had as they write, produce, and act in original one-act plays, musicals, and alternative styles of theatre. It's a fabulous ride!

You can find my class website here.


Mr. D. Stickney

My name is Mr. Stickney. I have been a teacher with DSBN since 2001. I  enjoyed 7 years teaching at the elementary level and then, in 2008, I joined the secondary panel of teachers. I currently teach Math and Music at Eden!

I love working with students and watching them grow as individuals, learners, and leaders. I personally enjoy learning and am always looking for new challenges and opportunities to grow. 

My wife, two children, and I enjoy traveling, serving, playing, and spending time together and with others as much as possible.

You can find my class information here.