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Eclectic Tendencies

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Eclectic Tendencies is an auditioned group of senior students at Eden High School. We are “eclectic” because we like to try a variety of things and different arrangements. We don’t get scared easily by challenging music and we try to perform music that means something to us and hopefully, to you - our audience!

Auditions are held each September and members who are brought into the group have a maximum of 2 years tenure, if they so choose. Students entering in Grade 11 will remain in the group until graduation. Students entering in Grade 12 will enjoy the benefits of this group for their final year of high school.


Please have a look at the schedule on the calendar and do your best to attend rehearsals. REMEMBER! We are ONLY as good as you want us to be. We are better with you - rehearsals are important for us to gel as a group and to sound as musical as possible. We don’t just want to sing the correct notes…. we want to sing the correct notes well!

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O Canada

We are performing this 3 semitones lower. Listening to these tracks will help you learn the shape of your part - i.e. when it goes higher, lower, etc...

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That's Christmas To Me

Some Nights

Hymn to Freedom

Your Ex-Lover is Dead

Believer - This karaoke version is 1 semitone lower than our key. It will give you good practice to see if you want to do a solo.

Take Me Home