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The drama program at Eden High School runs from Grades 9 to 12. Students learn to get in touch with their inner actor as they learn all that goes into writing, planning and producing a drama production. From monologues, small groups productions to a larger school production, students gain the necessary background knowledge to stage all of these forms of drama. Through taking on the roles of the various stage crew and being on stage themselves, students develop their confidence by stepping in front of the crowd and putting on the show!



Grade 9 Drama (ADA1O1)*

Are you looking to learn about acting? Are you already an actor but want to start deepening your skills? Do you want to learn about storytelling in groups? Sign up for Grade 9 Drama and explore and create stories through tableaux, improvisation, masks, an anthology on social issues and various spontaneous activities. You will also gain the ability to analyze and review live theatre. On top of this, there is a technical theatre component where you learn to use a digital lighting board and create sound effects.

This course is highly interactive and group oriented. Evaluations are primarily done on an individual basis and include: a reflective journal, a live theatre review, script-writing, peer evaluations, and class performances. This course is a beneficial step to taking grade 10 drama.

*This is a course with a Demonstration of Learning (DOL) exam exemption if all criteria are met.


Grade Ten Drama (ADA2O1)*

Lights! Sound! Showtime! The Grade 10 Drama course is all about production and script writing. If you like collaborating in small groups to improvise, create and direct scripts and design light and sound, this is a great place to be. Explore characters and historical events through masks and docudramas and perform for other Eden classes. Evaluated activities include: Character performances, reflective journals, peer evaluations, a stage manager’s prompt book, and a live theatre review.

*This is a course with a DOL exam exemption if the criteria are met.


Grade Eleven Drama (ADA3M1)

On with the show! Grade Eleven Drama is designed to prepare students for university or college level theatre courses, or just to get up and act in any community or professional production.

Explore improvisation, musical theatre, intense scene studies, and hilarious or terrifying alternate styles of theatre. No formal exam here. The final evaluation is an in-depth scene study with a partner.

Evaluations are based on reflective illustrated journals, live theatre review, performances, stage design and a unique interpretation of a popular children’s story.


Grade Twelve Drama (ADA4M1)

After learning the basics in junior drama and polishing your acting skills in grade 11, it’s time to focus on the total production from page to stage.

Grade Twelve Drama is all about creating, producing, and analyzing live theatre. Everything you need to know for college or university theatre courses, or to bring theatre to the community.