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Individual / Group Project - Grade 9 Music (AMU1O1)

Read this first: You may be confused about what to do or you may know what you want to do but are confused about how to approach it. Please ask me (Mr Moccio) for help. I want to help. This page is meant as an idea starter or a reminder about what you are trying to accomplish.


Remember using the Makey Makey in class with tin foil? Well, create your own instrument by designing the way it operates and designing the sounds it triggers. Here are some ideas that people have already done out there on the Internet: Makey Makey Examples

So. Confused yet about how the Makey Makey works? That's OK. It does take some tinkering. But, you can do it! Think of things that conduct electricity such as play doh. Make yourself your own little drum kit. Make yourself your own sound drawing using graphite. Your creativity is the limit.



So, you and your friends have decided to put together a performance of a song? Great! Try to learn a four chord song and put it together! Are you going to use guitar? Piano? Voice? Percussion? A digital instrument? All of those? Great! Either way, put together a multi-layered song. 

You will attempt to put together at least two different parts. This could mean that someone in your group is playing the guitar and another person is singing. This could mean that you have someone playing the guitar, someone singing and someone using a shaker. Whatever you come up with, practice and try your best to put together the best performance you are capable of! 

Here is a list of 4 Chord songs that you can try to piece together:

4 Chord Songs

Makey Makey by JozLabz LLC

Makey Makey by JozLabz LLC