Colour Your Life

Concert Producer


what does it take to produce a concert?

Let's think about it. What does it take to produce a concert? What would be the most important ingredient to have a successful concert?


Performers, of course! You need performers. But, how will people know about your concert? Who will show up?


You get the drift. There are some questions to ask yourself about concert production and steps to follow.

If you want to produce a concert as your music independent project, you will want to ensure you cover the following steps/items:

  1. Venue - Where will it be? Likely Room 156. This is the easiest place to do it since the equipment is all there.
  2. Date & Time - You will need to book the room for a lunch time concert with Mr Moccio.
  3. Performers - You should plan on having 4 performances during your concert. These performers do not need to be from a music class. There are probably plenty of students in the school who love perform and are not currently in a music class.
  4. One more thing about the performers: 1 of those 4 performers will be you :) Don't hide your talent from the world.
  5. Equipment/Instruments - As a producer, you need to know in advance what each of your performers need for their songs.
  6. Program - Prepare in advance a printed program. Make it half the size of a regular 8.5x11inch paper. That way we can cut them and save paper. Provide this in advance of the concert date so that Mr Moccio can photocopy these for you.
  7. Every good concert should have a host. You (or a friend that you "hire") will act as a master of ceremonies. This way, the audience will know who is up. Feel free to announce the performers names, their chosen song and maybe a quick something about them.
  8. Audience?!? Oh yeah, you do need an audience. Make a poster and announcements (through Mr Moccio) to advertise this free concert. Try to get about 15-20 people to act as an audience.

This all seems perhaps like a great deal of work. Truly, however, you are not responsible for preparing the other performers. All of the other stuff are really just small items that if you stay on top of it all, won't cause you much grief! For example, an announcement takes about 3 minutes to write and 1 minute to submit it to Mr Moccio. That is practically half of step 8 taken care of in 4 minutes! 


Wondering how you get marks for this? Here is a breakdown for you:

Timeliness and Required Elements: Are you on time and working in advance of the concert date? Are there any surprises for Mr Moccio the day of? Did you prepare all of the materials prior to the concert date? Did you prepare all that was required for this project? 5 marks

Promotion: Did you do the necessary promotion for your concert? For example, social media and hallway posters to announce the concert? Were there errors in your promotions? (i.e. announcing the wrong date, time, room, etc...) 10 marks

Performers: Do you have enough performers? Did you figure out in advance what materials/instruments were required? (5 marks)

Your performance: Your own performance will be evaluated similarly to our class performances. (30 marks)


There will be a short reflection you will need to write (nothing to be scared of, really!). 10 marks