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In this assignment, you are going to use Sheppard's "Geronimo" to write out a chord progression in We will be using our knowledge of chord inversions to write the chords. 

Note: You will need to sign up for a free account if you do not currently have one. emember to authenticate your account through the email they send you!

In order to complete this assignment, you will need to refer to the chord sheet that is provided on this page. Use this as the guide for selecting your chords.

Geronimo Lyrics / Chords

You will also need to "save a copy" of this template in your account.

Geronimo Template File



1) Have three tabs open in your browser. Tab #1 for this page of instructions. Tab #2 for the Geronimo Lyrics/Chords (link above) and tab #3 for the Geronimo Noteflight Template file (link above).

2) When you open the Noteflight Template file and after you log in, you must go to the "File" menu in Noteflight and select "Save a Copy". This will allow you to edit the file and save it to your own account to share with Mr Moccio later.

3) You are going to write the chords of the song in G major. Use the G major scale to form all of your chords.

4) Convert the chord numbers (I, vi, VI, etc...) into actual chords. I.E. The I chord in G major = G,B,D. (You're welcome for the freebie)

5) Enter the chords using whole notes in the bass clef of the Noteflight file. BUT WAIT! Start with the I chord (root position), then when you change to the next chord, use an inversion of the chord.

6) Continue to change the chords as you move along, always considering which chord inversion works best for the next one.

7) When complete, be sure to go to the "Sharing" menu in Noteflight. Make sure that "Everyone" is selected for who can access your score. Save those changes (just below). 

8) Send the URL of your file to