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Light Painting Project

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It's like being a Jedi photographer. You can't beat that!

Resource Links

Explanation of Light Painting and Samples:

Tools Required

Camera with manual controls (usually a DSLR), Tripod, Light Source (small flash light recommended) or sparkler

What is it?

Light painting means that you are using a light source (ie. flash light, candle, sparkler) to paint or trace a shape in the dark. The results can be quite fun and creative!

  1. Watch and read the explanations/instructions as to how to do the light painting. (See link above)
  2. Plan 5 different compositions that you would like to shoot.

  3. Set up in a dark area (dark room with no lights) 0r outside at night.
  4. Import the shots into a computer, edit them using an image editor and hand in the shots in your Google Drive folder.


5 different shots. Try to make recognizable shapes. Don’t just wave a flashlight in front of the camera. However, try to have theme! Don't just make random shapes... make a collection of 5 photos that make a statement? Maybe you try to write 5 words? Or, have some words and some shapes/drawings? 

Want to go further? Make a small, short video to describe your light paintings. 

Have extra time on your hands? Do a stopmotion light painting project. Not for the faint of heart... but the results can be spectacular :)


Light Paintings Evaluation

5 Photos?
This is a fancy way of asking: Did you hand in 5 photos? Pretty simple, eh? 10 marks

This is the idea that you have to tie in all of your photos. Did you have a story? Or a central idea? Did you just scribble a shape or did you attempt to have something like a word, letter or drawing that makes for interesting shots that go together as a collection? 20 marks

Did you edit your images using an image editor to increase the contrast? If your background is supposed to be black, did you edit this in the editor? Did you use a tripod or other stabilizer to make your shot crystal clear? Is the light painting itself in focus? 20 marks