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Make Your Own Zoetrope

Make Your Own Zoetrope 

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This project involves making with your hands and dreaming up different animation concepts. See the video above of what the final result looks like. If you take the time to draw 9 or 10 frames of an animation or print up 10 photos (small size) that together make an animation, you could create the Zoetrope to animate your drawings or photos.

Have a look at the link below for steps to create your own Zoetrope!


40 marks total

-Does your Zoetrope work? Does the mechanism itself spin consistently?
-Are the slats cut appropriately so that it actually allows the viewer to see animation?

20 marks - technical specifications

-Do your photos/drawings work together to make an animation or are the steps between each photo too large and proper animation is not achieved?
-Do you have enough drawings/photos to make animation?

20 MARKS - Creative approach

-Does the Zoetrope turn correctly?
-Is there a creative use of the Zoetrope? Did you make your own animation or copy one that you found?
-Did you incorporate different media into the Zoetrope? Film it and add music? Make several animations that can be inserted?