Colour Your Life


Create a Makey Makey inspired art piece.

The Makey Makey by SparkFun is difficult to explain and understand at first. In its basic form, the Makey Makey allows you to use electrical currents (very little voltage) to trigger events such as sound. Any conductive matter can be used to trigger these sounds. For example, your very own skin can be used to conduct the current. Other examples would be fruit, play dough, graphite pencil drawings and aluminum foil. 

Have a look at this YouTube video created to show Makey Makey examples.

You can use a Makey Makey kit (we have 4 in class) to create your own painting/drawing or media art piece. Start tinkering and think about creative ways to use this magical device!


40 marks total

20 marks: Technical Specifications

-Did you successfully complete circuits in order to trigger sounds?
-Do you have multiple circuits created?
-Have you found a quick way to ground the circuits that does not require great efforts by the user?

20 marks: Creative Application

-Did you apply the Makey Makey in a new way?
-Did you copy or recreate someone else's creation?
-Were you able to make a connection between the physical work of art (e.g. drawing/painting) with the sounds being triggered?
-Do you have multiple sounds being triggered?