Colour Your Life

Design A Lock Screen

This project will get you designing lock screens for iOS and Android phones. In fact, any device that has the same aspect ratios will be able to use these backgrounds. So, roll up your sleeves and get ready to design screens that will be downloaded by the Eden school community.


There are probably a gazillion different phones out there ranging from Blackberry models, Windows Phone to the more popular Android and iPhone models. They all come in different sizes. This means that the screen resolutions can vary quite extensively from older to newer models. Thankfully, most phones use the same aspect ratio. This means that they all have the same ratio of width to height in pixels. For example, if you design a screen for a 1080 (W) x 1920 (H), you will most likely be satisfying a wide range of users. Yes, some Android phones have higher resolutions than this, but the aspect ratio is the same.


The first lock screen you will create is one with an 'Eden' focus. Make a screen that you feel students may download from our website to use as a lock screen or background for their phones. "Go Flyers" or "Eden. My Choice." or other appropriate messages can be used for building school spirit. Go ahead and be creative - let your mind go crazy with possibilities!


In PIXLR Editor or software of your choice, use the following dimensions:

W= 1080 H = 1920



The second lock screen you will create is one based on a pattern or an abstract type of background. There are several ways to approach this type of image.

  • make a pattern that repeats
  • take a photo of an abstract image and make it interesting
  • download a photo from a free stock photography website and make them interesting. Here are some site suggestions:


In PIXLR Editor or software of your choice, use the following dimensions:

W= 1080 H = 1920

When you are done, you will upload these to your Google Drive. Please name them lockscreen1 and lockscreen2.


We will be making a gallery to promote to the school for people to download the lock screens to their phones. Be sure that your work is your best! Wouldn't it be cool to discover someone using your lock screen? You would feel like the king/queen of the world!


10 marks
Did you successfully complete both lock screens with the supplied specifications?
Did you complete these on time? Upload to Google Drive folder?

40 marks (2o per design)
Design choices
Think about white space - do you have white space? do you need white space?
Layout - are the elements working against the phone's interface?
Did you limit yourself to your choice of fonts? (Usually, stick to 2 or 3 max per document/design project)
Did you create something that someone would actually want to download?
Did you use a grid-like design or is it more free form?