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Photo Editing Battle



Use your editing powers to make something new out of something old.

This is more popularly known as a "Photoshop Battle". You can search for photoshop battles online and find many examples. However, now it is perhaps your turn to try your hand at it, should you choose this particular project.

What is a Photo Editing (Photoshop) Battle?

This is a creative project where you take a photo and edit out the background of the shot and insert a new background. Perhaps it would be best to understand it by seeing an example of one.


Is this Karate Cat?

(original photo)

or... Jedi Cat!


No! It's Hamlet Cat!

As you can tell, this gets silly and funny really quickly! 

Tools Required

You will need a photo to edit, Photoshop or Pixelmator (available on all of the Macs in our classroom).

Skills you will learn

In order to complete this project, you will need to learn how to isolate a subject from its background. You will need to learn to use layers in a program like Pixelmator or Photoshop. These are all useful skills.


  • Pick 1 photo. Make sure it is appropriate and that it has potential for other scenarios.
  • You will make 2 edits of that photo - like the cat (above), you will make 2 scenarios based on the original.
  • OR! You may choose to do 2 different photos and 1 scenario for each. It's up to you
  • If you need help with the editing, be sure to ask Mr Moccio or someone who knows photo editing and graphic design software (they all operate similarly).


Photo Editing Battle Evaluation

Original Photo
Did you pick an original photo that has potential? Was it simple enough to work with and get decent results? Sometimes, the outcome of your project will be dictated simply by the first choice in the process: which photo to work with? 5 marks

Did you pick a new scenario that is reasonable and believable for your subject to be in? Are the proportions of the new background sensible? Is the lighting similar in both shots in order to have success? 20 marks

Editing Quality
Did you get a great cut out of the subject? Did you leave any artifacts behind from the original photo or is it cleanly deleted? Did you consider all things and edit the layers properly in order to get a believable edit? 25 marks