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Photo Essay



Tell stories...visually.

Are you a photographer? Do you love telling stories through photos? If so, this may be the project for you! If you are not photographer yet, that is OK too! You can learn as you go. That's the point of school, isn't it? To learn. Stretch yourself. Let's learn about photo stories now...

What is a photo story?

This is a story that you tell primarily with photos. It's the photo that is taking centre stage. You will still find some written explanations or even recorded audio to help advance the narrative, but it's the photo that really is the vehicle for story telling. 

Wait, I am telling a story, like Once upon a time...?

No, not really. A story does not have to be a fictional narrative like Cinderella, 3 Little Pigs, etc... It can simply be the story of the landscape photos that you love to take or the story of the adventures you have had with your dog, or your love for sunset photos. Either way, you are using photos to communicate something to the viewer.

What will this look like as a product?

It can look different from person to person. Someone may choose to print out the photos and write some explanations below each photo. Another person may choose a digital portfolio format of sorts to display their photos. Another person may make a slideshow and narrate their thought process when taking the photo as the audio track for the slideshow. If you are unsure, see Mr Moccio.

Tools Required

You can use your phone, a DSLR, a traditional point and shoot... whatever takes photos. The best camera is the one you have with you.


This will ultimately depend on the type of project you are making. Therefore, you may want to check in with Mr Moccio to see what would be appropriate. However, think of 12-15 photos as guideline for a photo story.

You will need to provide a brief statement (3-4 sentences) for each photo. This may describe the scene. You may also explain if the photo turned out how you wanted it to or not. Explain what you were going for and how it came out.


Photo Story Evaluation

Photo Quality
Are your photos of high quality? Could they be taken in a moment's notice without much thought? Is the framing of the shot appropriate? Is there thought into the exposure? Did you need to edit the photo? 10 marks

What is the story you are telling? Is this obvious? Did you find a compelling topic to shoot around? 20 marks

Is there a tying theme to everything? Do the photos illustrate the story you are going for? Is it all scattered and there is no tying elements to your project? 20 marks