Colour Your Life

Stopmotion Project



One frame at a time.

So you want to make a stopmotion project?

Tools you will require:

  • Tripod or other stabilizing method for camera
  • Still camera
  • Video editing or stopmotion software

Resources to help you: Stopmotion Tutorial

Student Samples:

Professional Stopmotion Example: A Short Love Story in Stopmotion

Skills you will learn: More in-depth video editing skills. Basic animation skills.


1) Create a short stopmotion video (30 secs) around a story / topic / concept of your choice. 

2) Remember! The more photos you take and the smaller the movements between each photo, the more smooth your photos will be.

3) View the Tutorial (above) in order to ensure you know what you are doing.

4) Add music. You can go to There is an excellent selection of music from various genres to choose from. Or try

5) Export the film and hand in.



Evaluation of your project

Length: 25-30 seconds.
Do you have the appropriate length for your project? Are you far short? Are you far over the time limit? Going over is better, however you should check with your teacher to make sure it is OK. 10 marks

We are not looking for Tim Burton level of quality here. However... did you use a tripod or another way of stabilizing your camera? This will ensure there is a stable look to your project. Did you make smaller movements rather than big ones? Are you including approx 10-12+ frames per second? To get a decent look for smoothness in your film, you will probably be taking 300-400 photos. 20 marks

What does this mean!?!? Think about it. Did you include music in your project? Did you perhaps think to add text between clips? Did you try stopmotion from different angles? All of these things may contribute to a stronger film. Try to make shorter clips - are you using Lego figures? Try a wide angle followed by a close up of your figures. The wide angle may last 7-8 seconds, then the close up 3-4 and back to a wide angle. Try to make things interesting. This is like a mini film. 20 marks