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Video Game Re-Score Project




Re-imagine a game by changing all of the sounds.


Garageband, Quicktime, Web Browser




Note: Since these tutorials were recorded, the software used to create these re-scores have been updated. The basic principles are the same and you could use these tutorials as a skeleton for how to complete the project. You can use Garageband, iMovie or Final Cut Pro to complete this project.

Short Tutorial

Detailed Tutorial


Sample Re-Score


Sound Editing, Basic Video Editing, Web Skills


1- Obtain the video clip you want to use. Trim it down in Quicktime to between 30-60 secs. You can find thousands of clips on Youtube.

2- Bring the clip into Garageband, iMovie or Final Cut Pro and mute the audio track from the movie.

3- Add new tracks and import sound effects for the various actions in the video clip. Be creative: now is your chance to re-score the clip and imagine a total new soundtrack and feel for the clip. 

4- You may also record your voice for some sound effects and add those. This could be helpful when you don't know how to find the exact sound you are imagining.

5- Add a music track - either from Garageband or some of the links mentioned above.

6- Mix the audio levels of each track as you wish.

7- Export the movie from the software as a movie file (Quicktime) and upload to your Google Drive folder.


Video Game Re-Score Evaluation

Choice of Clip
What kind of clip did you choose? Did you choose a clip that offers enough diversity and opportunity to layer sounds? Is your clip interesting and have enough action? 10 marks

Just like the Foley project, you must come up with the various layers that are necessary in order to make the game clip believable or effective. Don't just look at music... think about the other layers of sounds that affect gameplay. i.e. footsteps, explosions, doors opening
20 marks

Creative Approach
Did you think outside the box when creating this project? Now, you can attempt something creative with the clip you have chosen. What kinds of sounds could you include that change the original clip? Or, what music and sounds might further enhance this clip. 20 marks