Colour Your Life

Write & Record Your Song


Write your own song and record it!

This one is pretty much self-explanatory. You will write a song and then record it! 

Doing this project, aside from writing a song, you will learn the ins and outs of recording. Don't worry about the technicalities. Certainly don't let the technical stuff stop you from attempting this project. You can get help the entire way. You are in school, let's not forget, to learn! When we learn, we make mistakes and are unsure of ourselves. What better place than in school to make mistakes? Seriously, if you fall flat on your face, it's only a bruise!

1. Write your song: Write it about anything you want! Love, romance, something funny, friends, relationships, world issues.... you name it! Pick a genre - rock, pop, opera, seriously, whatever your preferences are!

2. Yes... you can have people perform it for you for the recording.

3. Sit down in a studio in room 156 (book a time) and spend 1-2 hours recording and touching it up. 

4. No... we are not expecting a masterpiece... although, it surely will be :)

Things to include

Write 2 or 3 paragraphs about your process for writing your song.

  • How did you write it?
  • Why did you write about this subject?
  • What was rewarding about this experience?
  • Was it more difficult than you thought?
  • How would you improve the final outcome?
  • How did you record it? Are you pleased with the product?

These are some of the things you could write about in your reflective piece about writing your own song and recording it.