Colour Your Life


Media Arts

The Marshmallow Challenge

Have you ever thought about Media and what it means? What are we referring to when we are talking about media? Day 1 of second semester dealt with media. We also did the Marshmallow challenge. If you are interested in reviewing the slides that were discussed in class, here is a little taste.

We did this activity in class because it is a great team-building activity. It being the first day of the semester, students sometimes do not know what to expect but if they can be doing a hands-on activity with other students in the class, it calms their nerves. Also, this activity is about taking risks. When students start building and trying different prototypes for their structures, they take risks and learn quickly partly because of the timer that is counting away the minutes for the activity. They also learn because they have tested out their theories and realize what actually works or not.

Looking forward to the rest of the semester!