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MacGyver - Media Arts

There was a TV show in the 80s called MacGyver. In each episode, MacGyver had a challenge or a mission to accomplish. He was usually foiling the plans of criminals or the bad guys. 

In order to do this, he was a tinkerer. He could take parts of an old machine and repurpose them to make an entirely different concoction. Since that show, people often say that they are like "MacGyver" and are solving problems by duct taping items together or making some piece of machinery work by adding other non-related materials.

Here, in this picture, a student is acting like MacGyver and making a paper airplane video. His group needed to have a clip where the camera is following the action through the plane's perspective. I like seeing this level of tinkering or MacGyver-ing.

MacGyver in Media Arts

MacGyver in Media Arts

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