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Soundscape - Thunderstorm (Grade 9 Music)

The Grade 9 Music class made a soundscape today. This was a lot of fun. Students were a little doubtful (it seemed) at first that this would actually sound good! After hearing the recording, they were convinced. 

The premise of this soundscape is that we have a sunny day with birds chirping, and yes, chicken clucking with dogs barking. Then, the wind sets in and blows in a rain/thunderstorm. After the storm hits its climax with thunderclaps, the storm reverses back to a nice sunny day with, you guessed it, the dog and the chicken! 

All sounds were created using body percussion (slapping hands on our laps, whistling, clapping, feet stomping). It turned out great!

Students piled their phones in the middle of the room to record it for themselves as well.

The cell phones came out to record our soundscape. 

The cell phones came out to record our soundscape.