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Sounds of Hope


On Thursday, May 15, we held 3 concerts at Eden High School as a Music Department. It was a crazy goal - squeezing 3 concerts in one day. Yes, you read that correctly! How do we do it? One concert in the morning, afternoon and the evening. I thought it would be crazy, unbearable and completely exhausting. But... at the same time, I knew I would have fun.

The truth of the matter is, however, that it was not unbearable and completely exhausting. It was mostly just fun and partly crazy. When you are having fun, it is not that exhausting.

As a music department, Mr. Gay and myself are very proud of the students and of the talents and skills they brought forward that day. They were shining as they played their instruments and sang their songs!

Here is a music video that Eclectic Tendencies created for the concert. It was a great deal of work and took a great deal of time to complete. It was completely worth it, in the end. While creating this video, we nod our heads to Mike Tompkins and The Piano Guys for their inspiration for the video.

We hope you enjoy the video. Please comment and leave feedback. 


Mr E Moccio.