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Spontaneous Performances - Grade 9 Period 2 & 4

One thing we like to do in Grade 9 music is "Spontaneous Performances". This means that at the very last minute, we open up the floor to students who want to share some of their musical talents. This is a great time for students to break through some of their nerves and just go for it. It doesn't have to be a whole song - it can be as simple as a verse played on the guitar or a simple melody on the piano. It could mean that 2 people get up and without much more than 1 minute of planning, they sing together.

Whatever it ends up being, it is exciting to see the students muster up the courage to do this. It is also fun to watch those who want to go up and are at the edge of their seats because they want to get up and do something.

The thing about spontaneous performances is that they are just that... spontaneous. This means that they are not planned and well, students never know when the next one will be! This means that they'll just have to have something up their sleeve for the next surprise day when we hold another spontaneous performance time. Until then, we can't wait to hear what they'll come up with!