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Grade 9 - We started guitar!

The grade 9 students have begun to learn the guitar. It is a fun proposition: learn the guitar and start to rock'n roll, right? Maybe not so fast. Students have been informed of the following things when learning the guitar:

1) It will hurt. Your fingers will get soar. They are not used to pushing on a hard string against a hard surface. The finger tips get soar and get soar quickly. They will feel bruised. The good news is that it does get better.

2) Long nails don't help. Having longer finger nails does not make it any easier. Are students obliged to cut their nails? Not at all. But they should understand that this can and probably will make it more difficult for them.

3) It will feel awkward. Students first learning the guitar often have to take a great deal of time to make their fingers do what they have never done before. Students often end up looking like contortionists as they force their fingers to cross or separate. This will feel awkward, but with practice, will eventually feel much better. 

This will be fun! Guitar can be fun to play, but it doesn't mean it doesn't take any practice to get to that point!

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