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Grade 9 - Ode To Joy

The Grade 9 Music classes have worked on Beethoven's Ode to Joy (Theme for his Symphony No. 9). This arrangement was created by Mr. Gay (music teacher at Eden). 

Doing an exercise like this helps teach rehearsal etiquette as well as practice skills for students. They must listen to each other and hear how their parts fit as part of the whole. Sometimes, students find it difficult to hear their part when there are 3 or 4 layers of sound present. Being able to distinguish their part from all of this is a necessary skill in the musician's toolkit.

Also, when rehearsing, it is important that students learn the etiquette not playing our instrument when others are working on their part. This is part of the patience required by musicians. This will help rehearsal times be more efficient and productive. 

The students did very well in all regards. These are fun times when we are all playing an instrument (bass drum, floor tom, djembe, snare drum, congas, keyboards and guitar). After a while, rest after the rehearsal is also needed :)

Have a listen to the two classes in their run throughs.

Enjoy and come back again!