Colour Your Life


Grade 9 Music - Period 4

Today, we talked about creativity and listened to Gustav Holst's Mars: Bringer of War. Students imagined the scene or story behind the music without knowing the title of the piece. They all came up with the notion of Star Wars and drama.

We then proceeded to make our own soundscape based on a thunderstorm. Now, the listener should be easily able to imagine the story line based on the sounds they hear. 

Here is the soundscape we made as a Period 4 class:

On Day 2 of this activity, the students performed their own Soundscapes. The idea of this exercise has nothing to do with the quality of the soundscapes - although they were fun to listen to. The idea here is to simply get students to think about how they lead a listener through their story and how they would help someone else reproduce that through their set of written instructions. 

Here are the Period 4 soundscapes created by the students: