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Grade 12 Independent Project


Grade 12 Vocal Music - Independent Music Projects

As a grade 12 vocal music student, you are responsible for completing an independent project. This means that you will work on this project to enrich your learning as a music student. The good news, other than the fact that you get to do one :) is that you will have a choice of projects to complete! Not only that, the icing on the cake is that if you don't like these choices, you could present another option and discuss it with your teacher (Mr Moccio, that's me!). After a conversation, we may come to the conclusion that your project proposal is appropriate or it may be tweaked. 

The goal here is that you learn something about music: the industry, your identity as a music lover and listener, performing, writing... you name it!


Music as Identity project

This project makes you reflect on the power of music and its effect on your life. Maybe you have not thought about it before, but music has helped shape who you are and in turn, you now have an identity from the music that has chosen you throughout your life.


concert producer

Are you organized? Do you love live music? Do you want to put on your own concert?

This project is about putting together a lunchtime recital/concert in the vocal music room. You will make all arrangements and find performers. Oh yeah, you must perform one yourself too ;)


Write and record

This project is geared toward that songwriter in you. Do you have what it takes to write a song? Are you inspired to lay down some tracks for your new song?

Go ahead and take the creative risk. Don't let fear stand in your way. No one says your song has to make it big! You've got this! You can write a song and then record it.