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Independent Projects


Independent Projects

Be creative, on your own...

You are each responsible for completing 4 independent projects. These are open-ended, creative projects for you to create and produce. The goal would be that you stretch yourself and acquire skills in new areas in media production. Have a look at the projects that are listed below and see if there is one that intrigues you. Maybe you wish to create something that is not on this page. The good news is that you can! You simply need to approve your idea with Mr Moccio first. Go ahead, dream up something and let your creativity run wild!

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Light Painting

Create cool looking photos using flashlights, sparklers or even your phone's screen.



Become the next Tim Burton by creating a stopmotion film... one frame at a time.


Foley Project

Create sounds and perform them for a video clip of your choice. Become a Foley Artist


Video Game Re-score

Are you a gamer? You don't need to be to do this project. Re-imagine the sounds of a video game in this project.


Photo Editing Battle

Take a photo, imagine the subject in another situation. The results can be hilarious and fun.


Photo Story

Learn to tell a story...visually.


Makey Makey Project

Use your imagination and some 'tinkering' 


Make Your Own Zoetrope.

Animation in its simplest form.